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Roommate 7 - (Full Movie)

Roommate 7 - (Full Movie)

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Eve has gone through six previous roommates. Kaitlynn is number seven - and she's a SLOB! "Either clean up your shit," orders an enrage Eve, "or move out. Do you understand?" Cutie K (who looks ADORABLE in her see-though nightie) has a hard time getting the message. So Eve climbs aboard for a breathtaking girl-on-girl barefoot trampling session! Yeah, she stomps that bitch underfoot - FULL WEIGHT on her neck, stomach and generous tits! And yes, the lovely blonde victim is made to suck toe - VERY sensual action going on here. But those are only the first courses. The main dish is Eve's crotch - shoved right into Kaitlynn's face, cutting off ALL her air! Wait until you see the stunning overhead shot as K kicks and wiggles, trying her damnedest to get away. But her harsh Mistress won't allow that - she still wants to stomp her roommate some more, to push all the breath out of her body, to bounce her butt onto her face. "I wanna beat on you," Eve announces. "That's what you're asking for, you fucking blonde bimbo. And the breast-smothering is to die for…just ask Kaitlynn, who almost did just that! If you're a fan of girl/girl BDSM action, there's unparalleled Trample footage here - and exquisite, sensual suffocation.