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The Empresses New Groove - (Full Movie)

The Empresses New Groove - (Full Movie)

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As we begin, slave doc has been trussed up in his most humiliating disguise yet. His Mistress, the ultra cruel Empress Tsarina (wearing a black vinyl mini and knee-high stockings), taunts him with a toy on a string, as though he were a kitty cat. Then she forces her sissy slut to lie down and submit to duct tape bondage -- while he meows for mercy. Mercy from the Empress? Never! She tramples him horrifyingly, stomping his crotch, his torso, his face, forcing him to lick her feet. "Suck on that toe, like it's momma cat's nipple! I wanna hear you purr, slut!" She binds up his crotch and balls tightly with black plastic tape, then pounds his testes with her shoes -- and even plucks the tiny little hairs, using her fingers! Ouch! Slowly and sensually rubbing her ass across his face, she butt-smothers him while he moans and purrs. THIS is twat suffocation at its finest! Then she tramples his bundled-up cock beneath her stocking feet. "You won't be needing this anymore," she explains, as she flattens out the bumps. "Does it hurt to be emasculated, sissy slut?" she asks. Slapping his ass, she forces him to carry her on his back I trust you won't find the combo of horse-play and cat-play too confusing. Finally, she turns him into a puppy. But since his performance does not please, she decides to use dual riding crops to wallop his entire body, with special emphasis on his ass and crotch. Wham! She wants to slap the remains of his groin clean off! He performs well, so she allows him to lick the sweat from her armpits. He digs his face in deeply, sucking those pits like a mango. Now it's time for the PLASTIC BAG SUFFOCATION.