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Jerk in the Box - (Full Movie)

Jerk in the Box - (Full Movie)

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Hollywood and Viriginie are a couple of luscious, lingerie-clad babes who have tucked away a little nest egg. Walter the stockbroker was supposed to be taking care of their stash - instead, he's been using the dough for his own purposes. Oh boy, is HE in for it! There's only one punishment severe enough for a worm like him: The SMOTHER BOX! "I don't want him to breathe any more!" yells Virginie (a majorly sexy babe), as the girls jump aboard for an unparalleled double-trample session - one taking the head, the other stomping his abs. You'll some lots of very cruel stuff: They kick and kick and KICK. When Virginie plops her ass on his face, robbing him of all air, there's just no way he can escape. They BOTH sit on him and pummel his ribs with rapid-fire action. It's BRUTAL. These girls come superbly-equipped for breast smothering, especially the gravity-defying Hollywood. "How do you like THAT, Mr. Stockbroker? Can you breathe? Loser! Loser!!!" Hollywood repeatedly SMASHES her ultra-boobies into his poor battered noggin. They even find a way to trap his head in a bowling trophy while flattening his face with their feet. The action is non-stop: Knees to the sternum, butt-bouncing galore, massive facesitting, smothering, stomping, crotch-twisting, and total trample torture. The BAREFOOT face trampling action is particularly sensuous and strong. Wimpy walter is one slave whose stocks are going down.