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Showered With Spit - (Full Movie)

Showered With Spit - (Full Movie)

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Bob is a miserable little panty sniffer who breaks into the women's bathroom at a local gym and does his dirty numbers. Two girls catch him in the act - Nina Dolci and Nicole Moore, two curvy blondes in very hot lingerie. Inflames with anger, they drag this miserable worm into the shower room, tie him to a plastic chair - and SPIT on him! God, what humiliation - they yank his hair, slap his face raw, and then fling looghie directly into his eyes, his mouth - YUCK! It's all captured. in disgustorama close-up. "Please, let me sniff your panties," bob whines pathetically. His vile pleas only invite more spit action: "Ready…aim…" PTUIE! And the slapping is just as merciless. Bob complains and wheedles and whines, but I think that on some secret level, he knows he deserves to be treated in this embarrassing manner. "Say you're sorry you're a pack of shit," snarls Nicole. The moisture just gleams on his face, and his shirt darkens with dampness. He pleads for release, but the girls just hammer into him ever more furiously, dripping white spittle slowly into his mouth. SLAP SLAP SLAP WHAPPITY WHAP! Just look at the way luscious Nina flails him with piston action force! They toss him to the cold marble floor with his hands still bound, and continue to subject him to the most humiliating treatment imaginable. Just look at all that dripping looghie coating bob's ugly mug - he looks like he's going to be sick. "Can I have a kiss?" he whines. SLAP!