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Lesbian Lust - (Full Movie)

Lesbian Lust - (Full Movie)

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The gorgeous Jewell Marceau is trying to read, but keeps getting distracted by sounds from the next room - it seems her gorgeous roomie Zana is naked on a sofa, fiddling her crotch. The camera captures ever delicious moment as she masturbates while looking at a magazine picture of Jewell herself. "I didn't know you felt this way," says Jewell when she steps onto the scene. Jewell decides that the time has come to take command: She forces her totally naked gal pal down, and subjects her full out butt suffocation. "I'm just going to give you what you wanted," says Jewell -but on HER terms. "You want this pussy? How about if I smother you with it! What a little slut you are!" Jewell doffs her own clothing - she wants to reduce her roomie to total obedience. Those lace covered panties really do the job: "Little sluts like you don't deserve to breathe!" Jewell plants her ass down full force and informs her lover/victim: "You're just going to take it!" The HOM (hand over mouth) work is nasty, sensuous, and very fun to watch. Even better s when Jewell crawls atop Zana's body and inflicts some of the most wonderful girl-girl breast suffocation ever captured on video. (I do believe that Jewell is an all-natural girl - if not, then the job done was superb!) Then she suffocated Zana with her panties. Totally naked now, Jewell uses naked beaver force to cut off her victim's air supply. Jewell then discovers that her roomie has been secretly watching some fetish starring one other than Jewell Marceau. Keeping secrets like that is reason for yet more ass-suffocation. "I'm keeping you in my ass and pussy all night long!"