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Kick The Hobbit - (Full Movie)

Kick The Hobbit - (Full Movie)

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Lil' Gabe is "The Hobbit," a tiny, dirty male creature who likes to abused by large, beautiful female creatures. He's ready for his regularly scheduled D/s session - and who should walk in but Mistress Taylor and Mistress Alana, two outrageously nasty Femme Dommes who are every bit as gorgeous as they are psychotic. (Taylor has AMAZING nipples.) They immediately start to pummel their helpless Hobbit with their ultra-spikey high-heel shoes (one pair red, the other black). "This wasn't on the agenda!" the little one pitifully cries. "WE set the agenda here," Taylor explains, as she jumps up and down on his vulnerable tummy - and yes, they're both still wearing those killer shoes. Alana looks terrific in her white latex outfit, and Taylor's black rubber fetish gear will get you hot - especially when they start bunny-hopping up and down, all over their poor captive. "She's killing me!" he cries as Alana slams her knees into his sternum. The verbal abuse is almost as intense as the physical. They go in for some outrageous wrestling moves - Taylor places his little head between her mighty thighs, and squeezes so hard it nearly pops like a grape.