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Stone Cold Facesit - (Full Movie)

Stone Cold Facesit - (Full Movie)

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Two stunning cuties, Taylor and Crystal, spend their lunch breaks partaking of Taylor's hookah. (Don't ask US what's in that thing!) But their gruff, loud, semi-literate boss Guy doesn't appreciate the way these girls spend their off hours. Hey, that's none of that asshole's business! Alas, there is only one way to get that simple fact into his ultra-thick noggin: Total female domination! Expressed, in this case, by some of the most delectable ass-suffocation ever committed to film. Lean, big-chested Crystal looks both luscious and vicious as she grinds her ass cheeks into his nose so harshly you can almost hear the cartilage snap. She loves to see the veins pop out of his forehead. But even that can't compare to the sheer spectacle of one of Taylor's breast-smothering sessions, or to the epic nature of her leather-skirted pussy suffocation. The H.O.M. (Hand Over Mouth) breath play is downright frightening - YOU try holding your breath for as long as they force this dude to hold his! They slap his face, crush his ribs between their legs, smoke haughtily, gag him, twist his nipples, rake their claws across his tender flesh, inflict blistering verbal humiliation, wrap him securely in duct tape. While grinding his face into her much sought-after TOTALLY BARE crotch, Taylor sets the new rules for her boss: "Anytime we want to take a break and smother your bitch ass, we can! Say it: 'Princess Taylor, you're the boss!'" You bet she is!