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I Spit On Your Slave 2 - (Full Movie)

I Spit On Your Slave 2 - (Full Movie)

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Hey, fans of filmed phlegm fun! (Trying saying THAT ten times really fast...) Here's the epic of degradation you've been, er, drooling for. Not long ago, Mistress Kaitlynn asked us to name the most intense video in fetish history. We told her that NOTHING could top "I Spit on Your Slave." But Kaitlynn wanted to try. So get this: She intentionally exposed herself to the flu! Yep, she made this video on a day when her bounteous chest was FILLED with lung butter. YIKES! Her partner in spit-torture is the aptly named Nina Whett, and their victim is slave bob. Bob is a VERY weird guy who likes to harass women. So they decide to harass HIM - with ultra-hard slaps (WOW!), punches, and kicks. This leads to wrestling holds, nipple-pinching, rib-kicking, butt-whomping, boob-bludgeoning (!!!), cock-squishing, hair-pulling suffocation, facesitting, the works. "Can't we just have regular sex?" bob pleads. The girls are so disgusted by this suggestion they shove a tampon in his mouth - and then they make him eat SPIT! This isn't just regular drool, folks...we are talking about green yogurt. Curdled cheese. Esophageal escargot. And it goes right in his mouth! In his hair! In his eyes! In his ear! Up his nose! "SWALLOW IT!" The girls order. Can it get worse than this? "I want you to kiss my asshole!" Nina screams. More slaps! And lots more spit! Kaitlynn really hocks it back! As for that slob bob: His ugly face glistens and turns greenish. But there's no escape from this onslaught. It ends with an amazing cannonade of spit, a veritable snot-tsunami, an unparalleled orgy of looghie and ultra-violence - a mucus mess-terpiece!