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Glory of Trampling - (Full Movie)

Glory of Trampling - (Full Movie)

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The ultra-breasted Tanya Daniels and her bikini-clad gal-pal Amber Michaels have a gripe with peter, who was supposed to groom their dog. Seems he did an abominable job - the coat does NOT shine the way it's supposed to. So they track him down to his classy apartment, and decide to treat HIM like the dog that he is. These bitches are out to stomp that puppy flat! You'll see lots of two-girl trample action, as the girls take leaps onto his stomach and ribcage. There's also mucho barefoot FACE-STANDING - and this guy takes a lot. "Say 'put your foot in mouth, please!" Tanya commands her newfound slave-boy. He does, and she uses her toes to choke him. They use their feet to rob him of all air. Wow! Just LOOK at the way she truly shovels all of her toes into his tonsil-tunnel! "Hey," notes Amber, "your face is turning purple! You know, you are going to be doing my dog for the next decade, for free." Imagine what it must be like - bearing the full weight of two curvy babes, with one hopping right on your noggin? This video has some of the finest foot-suffocation we've ever seen. Not to mention the nonstop verbal humiliation. Tanya sits beside him and SLAMS her feet into his face. "If I broke your jaw," she points out, "you could not utter a word for months. Pretty cool, huh?" They slap him, wring his neck with their hands, bounce their delicious butts on his chest, slap his face HARD with both hands and feet, and bury his ugly mug beneath both butts. His face turns as red as a Christmas ornament.