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Tsarinas Zoo - (Full Movie)

Tsarinas Zoo - (Full Movie)

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This opens with some choice dialogue: "Who's under there?" barks the gorgeous (and mysteriously blonde) ueber-Mistress Tsarina. "Just me, cowering," doc calls from under the bed. "Slave! Did I give you PERMISSION to cower?" Tsarina is really in a bad mood this time around - it's a problem spelled PMS! As for doc, her abuse puppet, he's been forced to wear a stocking mask and a fake elephant snout over his face. She orders him to prance around the room like the pansy he is, then makes him don a red polka-dot dress and high-heel shoes. Total humiliation! He whimpers his thanks to her as she pounds his ass and thighs with a variety of flogging tools. And then she crops his nipples and crotch! YEE-OWW! She tramples his front harshly (while he still wears that awful dress), both barefoot and in heels -- and she even humiliates YOU the viewer as she does it. Good ball-stomping and face-trampling action here. "Suck my toes," she commands. While smothering his face with her latex-clad butt, she uses her bare feet to smash his penis, then uses the crops to drum on his balls. Wait until you see those steel spike heels dig DEEP into his sacs! She flogs his feet, inflicts tickle-torture, and rides him around the room sidesaddle. (Tsarina is ALWAYS a lady). And she's particularly creative in her use of duct tape - you've never seen c/b torture quite like this. What she does to his crotch oozes pure evil!