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The Goddesses Must Be Crazy - (Full Movie)

The Goddesses Must Be Crazy - (Full Movie)

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It's fabulous and intense wrestling with two Professional wrestlers, Destiny and Robin teaming up against a guy who doesn't stand a chance after Destiny easily wins a leg wrestling match. Both girls are in cute short, flowery dresses, control top pantyhose, girdles and pumps and they are in a CONTROLLING mood. They tie up the guy's wrists in stockings and then work him over with intense ass-in-girdle smothering, figure four moves, school boys, deep face smothers, leg scissors and all the wrestling tricks. Now the Mistresses remove their dresses, and girdle-smother him till he practically passes out! There's lots of ass worship, crotch worship, and trampling and they cover him in panties, stockings and pantyhose, so he can't see or speak while they perform a 2-on-1 ass smother. This is a multi-camera shoot from ALL the angles you have asked for. In the assworshipping scenes, you see many views, close-up and personal. You can see Destiny's dress blow up when he tries to breathe on her crotch over his face. In a whipping scene, the slave is on his hands and knees, his face buried deep in Destiny's crotch, and Robin is whipping him from behind. Now Robin changes into a beige strapless bra, panties, lace beige garters and black stockings. She ties him to a horse, blindfolded and wrist bound and smothers him, joined these by Destiny, both giggling the whole time while he makes choking noises! There is no doubt Goddesses ARE crazy!