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Tour of Trample - (Full Movie)

Tour of Trample - (Full Movie)

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Our lovely French miss Virginie is a European tour guide showing off her native country to American visitors. But one particularly ugly American, peter, has been acting obstreperously. "Why the hell don't you jerks speak ENGLISH?" he wails. "I mean, what's wrong with you frogs?" Careful, pete - Virginie is a "frog" with fangs! She drags him into her room and teaches him a lesson - using her feet. Her spike-heel shoes slam into his rib and head. Then she climbs atop his chest and shoves her sharp heel into his neck. "You don't appreciate heee-stor-eee!" she spits, as she tramples his ribcage. The barefoot trampling achieves even greater heights of cruelty. SLAM! SLAM! SLAM! Her feet pound into his collarbones. "I hate your fuckeeng face," she cries. "I have nightmares about you!" He keeps on trying to talk to her, so she shoves her feet onto his mouth, then stomps his head mercilessly. "I am going to smash your fuckeeng face like the big piece of sheeet that you are!" Virginie has a true talent for verbal humiliation. (Gee - an insulting French person? Now that's unusual!) "I'm sure you would fuck a horse - if you could, with your leetle theeng." Her commentary is almost as cruel as her trampling and crotch-stomping - not to mention her breathtaking approach to facesitting. She torments his body while subjecting him to gasp-inducing butt-smothering ("How does dat smell, huh? SMELL FRANCE!"), then uses her feet to SLAP his face silly. The FULL-WEIGHT barefoot headstanding is nasty stuff. "Suck my toe!" she commands. "Lick all my toes and in between, slowly and gently!" she commands.