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Smother Stool Stories 3 - (Full Movie)

Smother Stool Stories 3 - (Full Movie)

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Bob lusts after curvy Cumisha Amado and her luscious girlfriend Elizabeth X. And who wouldn't? Those tight vinyl pants would drive any man crazy. But when expresses a wish to get next to them, they decide to fulfill his wish in the most painful possible way: By locking his head in the dreaded smother stool, where sexy, redheaded hardbody Elizabeth can squish his head beneath her latex-wrapped ass, while Cumisha simultaneously uses her hands to wring his neck. Wow! Then Cumisha digs her knees into his chest, kneeling on him full-weight. How can bob possibly breathe under these circumstances? When bob tries to mouth off, Cumisha takes her place atop his face: "I'm going to squeeze your head between my butt-cheeks! I'm going to fart on you! My ass has a nice smell to it, doesn't it?" Bob replies: "MMMMF!" Elizabeth, meanwhile, uses her talon-like nails to torture his torso. With his head locked in place, there is no way for bob to escape Cumisha's sadistic hand-over-mouth smothering. "You're trying to kill me!" bob gasps when he is finally allowed some more air. Elizabeth removes her bitchin' fetish pants - what an ass! Both girls squish his head beneath their delectable derrieres. Cumisha strips off the top and shoves the latex down his throat. The girls subject him to lovely nude breast-suffocation - you will be SO jealous. Elizabeth loves to tease him - and torture him -- with her gorgeously perky all-natural globes. "Stop!" cries bob.