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Smothered Stiff - (Full Movie)

Smothered Stiff - (Full Movie)

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Bart, a manufacturer of BDSM equipment, is showing off his famed Smother Box, an invention no Mistress should be without. Those lovely, lethal Fem Doms, Kate and Antonia, are definitely interested in buying one. Trouble is, bart wants $3700. ("The wood was specially brought in from Indonesia! These things sell for ten grand over in Europe...") The girls decide to lower the price - by lowering the boom on HIM! After locking his head in the box, it's time to sit on a happy face. One girl plants her lovely butt on his noggin, while the other stomps his chest. It's a real near-death experience. But what a way to go! Soon, both girls facesit him at the same time - back to back, and then face-to face. (Very intimate!) When they finally let up (for just a second!) he gasps like the proverbial fish out of water! Kaitlynn really knows how to pussy-smother her victims: "No air allowed for YOU!" They prove their point with hand-over-mouth suffocation, covering his mouth and pinching his nose. No WAY he can escape. The smother-box even allows for good old strangulation by hand. Antonia likes to alternate between breast smothering and butt smothering. You simply MUST check out the last shot - it's the last thing this slave will ever see!