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Stomp This Way

Stomp This Way

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The gorgeous Taylor St. Claire has plans to go to the opera. Hey, I'd love to take her - but no, she has actually hired an escort for the evening. Alix shows up - but he's all wrong. First, he's wearing blue jeans. Second, he's WAY too tiny for Taylor. "Look at you! You're a pathetic little boy. You know how you're going to make it up to me? You're going to lay there and let me take my anger out on you!" She makes him crawl backward and forward, then forces him to take off his shirt. She wants to see the marks her boot heels inflict on his body. "You are a piece of shit for me to walk on!" she spits, as she stomps on him full weight, those spike-heel boots digging deep into his easily marked flesh. Look at the way she steps on his crotch! Listen to his pathetic groans! Check out the way his head flushes bright red! I was particularly amazed at the way the point of her spike heel digs deep into the space where his collar bones meet. Then she forces him to suckle her boots. Then she switches to high platform shoes with equally dangerous spike heels, perfectly shaped to target his tender nipples. Her own nipples spill out of her bra as she tries her best to puncture his skin, digging her heels deep into his throat. She slaps his head, then pummels him with those mile-high pumps. It's Taylor triumphant! Finally comes the barefoot trampling…leaping, jumping, stomping, slaying!