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The Great Outdoor Trample - (Full Movie)

The Great Outdoor Trample - (Full Movie)

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Stacked Fem-Dom beauty Anita Cannibal and her curvy, cute gal-pal Crystal are doing a day-hike in the woods. Anita REALLY needs to go. But there are no shit-houses in the great outdoors. But there is a shit-HEAD named bob - who offers to sell the girls some toilet paper. At five bucks a sheet! Now the girls a pissed off! "When I say I want something, you give it to me," shouts Anita, "or I'll pee on YOU! We should SHIT on you!" Time for a two-girl face-sit session. "Open your mouth!" Crystal orders. "Let's smother him!" she suggests while Anita tramples his ribs mercilessly. Crystal wipes her girlfriend's ass cheeks, then makes bob eat the TP! "You like to breathe?" asks Anita as she covers his mouth and nose. "Too bad!" Lots of foot-in face action is followed by yet more suffocation, neck-wringing, ass-smothering, face-slapping, rib-stomping, head-trampling, and of course?SPITTING! "We're going to spit on your face, you fuck!" the girls politely announce. They even make him lick clean their dirty panties! "Slurp up those skid marks!" Anita even drips water across her body and onto his face. If you love NUDE face-stomping, equestrian training with two bosomy nekkid chicks, bare-twat suffocation, deep-dish ass-licking, forced foot worship forced-fart-smelling, pillow-smothering, and mega-Boob suffocation, between-the-thighs head-crushing. As Crystal explains, "We are Goddesses, and you are a piece of shit!"