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A Face Full Of Flesh - (Full Movie)

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Goldie, that famous, fabulous British bitch with knockers the size of two Millennium Domes, is sick of her boyfriend (major richards) ignoring her in favor of some dumb hand-held video game. She needs some attention. So she forces him to notice her - by subjecting him to a Domination session that would make an impression on anyone! Yep, she's taking total control, subjecting him to thigh-choking and grinding her ass into his noggin. He tries to sputter a few words of protest, only to have twat rammed into his mouth. "Save your energy for breathing, not talking - otherwise you might not get the chance to do either." Count the seconds of suffocation, and you'll understand why he gasps so desperately on those rare occasions when she allows him up for oxygen. Naturally, Goldie uses those humongous honkers to rob him of all air. She sits on his face a long, long, LONG time - taunting him mercilessly the entire while. Soon she strips down to the buff, subjecting him to full-on bunghole-in-face punishment. Look at he way his nose snakes between those gorgeously round and smooth buttcheeks! Look at the way her labia wrap tightly around his nostrils! His lips are sealed ll right! The ultimate woman inflict the ultimate suffocation torment.