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Air Wanted - (Full Movie)

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Jacklyn Lick (in a terrific white corset) and Countess Erotica catch their roommate alix surfing the web for fetish porn. He lamely tries to excuse himself by pretending to be fixing the computer. "You want hot chicks to smother you?" says Erotica. "This is your lucky day." They prop his noggin up against the wall and force their butts into his nose. "Typical, typical pervert," Jacklyn mutters - she has nothing but disgust for the breed. "You only breathe when we say you're allowed," she commands. Erotica smashes her pussy against his face, holding his head firmly in place with her strong hands. "Keep your mouth shut!" she snarls. Jacklyn suffocates him within the vast expanse of her chest, then covers his mouth with her hands. "Let's give him a double smothering here!" Jacklyn sneers as both girls pile atop his cranium. " We're crushing his little pea-brain." You're going to love the scene where the girls pinch his nostrils shut with their toes while stuffing his mouth with the soles of their feet. That's not to mention the long-lasting breast suffocation: "Did I say you could take a breath? Then you shouldn't!" There's back-to-back butt-chokitude, following which the girls strip down and continue with some full-nekkid beaver-suffocation. "His nose is in some unforeseen places right now!" giggles Countess Erotica. The naked, dirty ass-suffocation is downright harsh. "People pay good money to smell my ass," Erotica smirks. "My butt is digging into his eyeballs!" The girls enter into a contest, timing each other on how long they can force alix to exist without oxygen.