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Ass Slave - (Full Movie)

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"I've had enough of your stupidity," says Stacy Burke as she drags her doltish boyfriend indoors. "You've been very, very bad today - extremely bad." That's all the plot you're going to get from this one. "You're going to learn some important things today," she says as she steps all over his body while wearing pointy-heel boots. "And one of the things you'll learn is the value of oxygen." Stacy looks incredibly hot in her red vinyl outfit, which seems like her second skin. "I hope you like the feel of rubber against your face," she says as she backs that scarlet ass into his noggin. "It's like having your mouth stuffed with a balloon you can't pop. You are my little disobedient ass slave." Hiking up her latex skirt, she forces him to choke on her ass and twatage, lightly clad in black vinyl panties. This bitch really knows how to inflict suffocation punishment. "Scoot back," she says, "Because it is time to ride!" She looks absolutely luxurious as she stretches out across his body, alternately burying him with her pleasure chest and her hindquarters. Just to make sure he cannot resist, she securely binds him into place with rope. Now he must remain absolutely vulnerable to every possible form of chokitude, including some of the most outlandish full-body chest-attacks ever committed to video. She even stands on his face, using her feet to shut his mouth. "Get your air, then say goodbye!" What a gloriously cruel bitch!