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Blue Jean Facesitting Machine - (Full Movie)

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She doesn't eat, she doesn't sleep, she has no emotion, She's just a non-stop Facesitting Machine (in blue jeans). The sexy red-haired raven Yvonne finds duncan spying on her as she is choosing some clothes to wear. She basically spends the entire video wearing her designer blue jeans and lacy blue bra. She starts out by throwing her slave to the bed so she can mount his face for a little riding while keeping his breathing to a minimum. She then pulls him to the floor with his head only on the bed as she goes for Forward and Reverse mounts as she keeps his mouth and nose closely pressed against her denim crotch. After awhile it is back to the bed with some sexy school pin moves and a bit of Hand-Over-Mouth action. Yvonne is quite sexy in her tight Blue Jeans and appears to really enjoy the control she has over her slave. She also looks pretty good in those nice strappy high heels. Her next punishment for her slave is to tightly bind his hands to the bedpost and then return to his face for a comfortable seat. It is especially hot when she starts reading one of her magazines while her slave wiggles beneath her gasping for air and she just continues reading without any concern for him. The camera roams around to catch just about every angle and while it stays fairly wide on the action (to see both her and the slave wiggling to get free), it does get some nice close-up shots too. The next position finds duncan with his head propped up against a big pillow as she backs her tight blue jean ass right up into his face.