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Blue Jean Smother - (Full Movie)

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Curvaceous Hollywood has a lazy boyfriend (alix) who never does his chores when she commands for them to be done. "I'm going to shut you up!" she announces. With fierce determination, she shoves her blue jean clad butt directly into his face. He is sittng on a sofa, which she stands upon - shoving her ass into his nostrils and mouth. And I mean she shoves HARD. Then she splays him across the couch face up, and grinds her denim-clad twat directly into his visage. She even takes phone calls while grinding her ass into his head. Soon, he's laid out on the carpet - and she lays directly on top of him, reading a magazine while tormenting her victim. She also covers his mouth up with her hands, then engages in pillow smothering. Just look at the way she rocks back and forth - you can tell this torture session is actually getting her off! His nose seems to burrow deep within the seams of her tight, tight light blue Levis. She even does her toenails while smothering him! Just look at the way she squeezes his cranium between her thighs!