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Ensnatchment - (Full Movie)

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This video provides an excellent, and very sexy introduction to the world of girl-girl BDSM. "I think I can do it," says the lovely Jewell Marceau (what a perfect body!), as the notorious Fem-Dom Tori Sinclair ties her down, face up, to a hard wood table. "I want to be your submissive. My role is to please you," Jewell coos. "And to take what I give you," Tori responds; "some discomfort may happen. We'll see what you can take, my dear. There's some pleasure, like this" -- a kiss -- "and then there's some PAIN." Tori SQUEEZES Jewell's gorgeous, full, sensitive breasts, causing her to scream in delight and agony. "Your body is mine," explains Tori as she looms over her helpless victim. "So is your breathing. That's mind too." After subjecting her slave-girl to hand-over-mouth suffocation, Tori slaps those marvellous breastages -- hard. Then she doffs her own top to drown her victim in her cleavage. "I can't do this anymore!" Jewell screams when her Mistress finally lets her up for air. "There's no 'I can't'," Tori explains. The breast smothering gets harsher and harsher. I don't think Jewell realized what she would have to undergo! "Facesitting is the ultimate in learning how to hold your breath for a very, very long time..." Tori warns. "Noooo! Her victim screams -- until Tori stops up her mouth with her panty-clad pussy while grabbing Jewell's hair. "I feel like I'm drowning!" the sweet sub cries. This is followed by HOM (hand over mouth) suffocation that becomes increasingly brutal and long-lasting.