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Face Grinder - (Full Movie)

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That Coral Sands is a pretty little thing, but she is such a slut! While house-sitting for her gal-pal Nicole, Coral loves to lounge around the poolside topless, even though she knows full-well that the neighbors can spy on her. Nicole, wearing (at first) a skimpy bikini, comes home early and decides to teach the happy harlot a lesson in decorum. How? By suffocating the little bitch. If Coral wants to take the neighbor's breath away, maybe she should have her own breathing interfered with. Nicole sits on her victim's noggin and rides her nose like a bucking bronco. Yeah, sure the girls are now giving everyone the show of a lifetime - but frankly, Nicole is far too turned on to care. Soon, both she and Coral have stripped down completely, and the poor little subby girl has her wrists in harsh restraints. Nicole climbs aboard and rides her face, hard, forcing that nose deep between her asscheeks. You can tell from Coral's gasping and panting that this treatment is causing her some genuine real-life fear - the dominant Ms Sheridan doesn't care whether or not her victim passes out. And yet that smile on Coral's face tells you that, even though she is definitely in fear of her life, part of her is not-so-secretly enjoying this sadistic treatment. As for Nicole, it is obvious that all she cares about is coming - again and again. She wraps her labia lips around Coral's nose, completely enveloping her breathing apparatus, and leaving her lovely victim's face utterly wet and sticky with her glistening beaver juices.