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A Smother To Remember - (Full Movie)

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Carolyn Monroe is a mad Mistress in a NASTY black PVC mini-outfit and cute boots who has captured a victim, a perpetual loser named peter. Peter has a long-standing fear of being smothered to death. Carolyn wants only to help: "I want you to get over this fear," she explains. So she locks his neck into the dreaded smother chair, which forces his noggin into a face-up position. Then she plants her twat directly on top of his breathing apparatus, wriggling her ass atop his smashed nose, forcing him to forego all air. Then she applies boob suffocation (if you've seen Carolyn, you know she came prepared for this one!) that causes him to gasp and sputter, followed by some extremely nasty HOM-work. (That's hand-over-mouth suffocation, for you newcomers.) There is NO escape! Just look at the way her strong grip shuts off his airways. Just listen to the way he gasps and wheezes. Just look at the way his skull seems to disappear between her mighty ass cheeks! She doffs her clothing in order to increase the titty-torture. My god, what massive knickers - and they practically knock pete into the afterlife. She then strips down to her panties, as she splays him across the floor for some facesitting frenzy. There's one sure cure for a phobia of being smothered to death: Being smothered to death!