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He Assed For It - (Full Movie)

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Jackass damion bagged the luscious Taylor St. Claire (how did he do THAT?) five years ago. This cotton-for-brains lump of fecal matter can't even bother to recall their anniversary! Worse, when he finally does come home, he reeks of some other woman's perfume. "Where have you been?" demands Taylor, who is dressed in gorgeous black fetish-wear. When he refuses to answer, she plops him into a seat and smothers his face between her scrumptiously huge melons. (We've always thought Taylor had the best breasts in the history of adult video.) "I'm going to keep this up until you admit what you've been up to!" she tells him. "Get on your knees!" she commands, as she forces him to eat out her ass. Nice and clean - that's the way she likes it! "See my ass in your face?" she asks as she backs her butt-hole into his nose - hard. "It's going to stay there until I get a name." Then she wraps her gorgeous legs around his neck and squeezes. Leg suffocation - cool! "You like this pussy?" she asks as she covers his face in cunt slobber. "If you want to keep it around, tell me who it is!" Taylor finds new positions for twat suffocation that I did not know even existed. "You know, I think I'm handling this very maturely," says Taylor as she makes him suffocate. "Oops, I'm sorry - did I just step on your dick? I'm gonna sit here all night grinding my ass in your face!" She covers his face with one breast - "Just think: I could take you out with one boob!"