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Head-In Only - (Full Movie)

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Once on the floor, they take turns facesitting their victim using various techniques and while one girl is sitting on his face and keeping him from breathing, the other one is usually restraining his hands and legs. The camera roams around and catches all of the cool angles and as usual, voodoo is always fighting back which makes it more exciting as the girls have to be forceful. As you would expect, the clothes start coming off the girls pretty quick in the movie and we are soon enjoying some great views of some great racks.

Taylor and Nicole are two of our most popular girls and always provide the best facesitting entertainment. This video also includes some nice H.O.M. (Hand-Over-Mouth) action if you are looking for that. Check out Nicole's high heel tennis shoes, I don't think we have ever seen anything like that before. The fully nude facesitting is very nasty and hot but my favorite parts are where one girl forces his head deep in to the ass of the other girl. Sometimes she will use her hand on the back of his head to do this but they also do a scene where Taylor actually sits on the back of his head with all of her weight to force his head into Nicole's crotch as she lays naked on the floor with legs high in the air !!