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Diary of a Mistress - (Full Movie)

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Slave-boy peter "just happens" to find the journal belonging to his girlfriend Crystal. "Wow," he says while flipping through its pages. "I didn't even know that was possible!" Crystal bursts in on him, and refuses to believe his lame excuses. "Did you read the part about how I like my feet and ass worshipped?" she asks. Well, he's about to get a demonstration. First, she splays him across the ground and demonstrates her love of Facesitting. "They guys I do this to can take it a long, long time," she explains. "So take a deep breath!" Wow! He goes under for what seems like hours, and when she finally lets him come up for air, he gasps. Then she forces him to lick her ass and shove his mouth way up between the cheeks. "is your dick getting hard while I smother you?" she asks. She slaps him awake when he nods off, then hunkers down for more Facesitting frenzy, followed by delicious tit-smothering. After binding his wrists securely, his face is completely helpless for her butt-bouncing assault. The fully-nude facesitting is sloppy and salivating. And just watch the way his nose goes exploring in Brown-ville! When he shows a little resistance, she gets out her flogger and - get this - whips both his ass AND his face! Yeah, right in the kisser! After all, she needs to tenderize that head for some ultra-sloppy twat chokitude. After that comes the foot-worship: "Big toe…second toe…now open your mouth and get my whole FOOT! Yes, now lick the bottom of my foot…" Once her feet are nice and clean, she's ready to punctuate her smotheration with some nasty trample action and harsh between-the-thigh head squeezing.