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[ HD Clips run about 6-8 minutes of All Action !! ]
Ive been waiting for this time to come all week! Finally, its PLAY time where I get to toy with my little bitch boy. Its never anything short of exciting when I have my little bitch boy toys over and think of new ways to make them my total bitch.
I usually get to know a little about my bitch boys and then take the information that I gain and use it against them haha! For instance, if my little bitch boys is claustrophobic then I know just what to do. Of course I would make him feel as cramped and trapped as humanly possibly by dropping my big round ass right atop his face.
Its so funny to watch them squeal and whine. I know Im really getting them deep where it hurts. Im really playing on their absolute fears haha! This is just conditioning for me in the privacy of my own home but it prepares me to mentally fuck every man I meet in the outside world. Men are worthless garbage and if they arent being fucked with then theyre just being spoiled rotten. Men need to learn their place and to accept they are powerless.
PLAY time helps them learn who is in charge here. Play time also lets me have human punching bags and human chairs. What fun!
Lucky Starr