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Roughed Up - (Full Movie)

Roughed Up - (Full Movie)

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April is a gorgeous, perfectly-proportioned blonde who is, at this moment, incredibly ticked off at her boyfriend mark. Why? Because he refuses to raise the toilet seat lid when he takes a piss. She sits down, and feels a certain moisture on her cheeks. Furious, she rushes to the bedroom (where mark has been taking a nap) and slops her pissy butt right onto his face. Let him lick it up! Let him gasp and choke as she robs him of all air! You'll love the sensual shots of April shoving her bottom onto his noggin, blocking his airways superbly. This is facesiting at its best. She reverses position, and goes in for twat suffocation, grabbing his hair and forcing his face deep into her regions. You can tell that all this forceful smother action is really having an effect on her - she moans in ecstasy as she revokes his right to breathe. The hand over mouth approach work wonders on his attitude: He becomes completely passive as she makes breathing impossible. Turns out she's wearing no panties - which means FULL NUDE twat suffocation, courtesy one of the loveliest shaved cunts ever to grace a face. Her lips almost gobble up his nose. Time for munchies! If you're like me, your favorite variation will be the hands-around-throat strangulation approach. She applies thigh crushing, leg scissors to the neck, breast suffocation, hair-yanking, and LOTS more nekkid beaver chokitude!