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[ HD Clips run about 6-8 minutes of All Action !! ]
Good slaves needs a regular and proper smothering. Only then can a slave truly inhale his Mistress, taking in her glorious fumes. I want you to breathe in my essence like a drug. Inhaling me will intoxicate you and get you nice and high for a beating.
You know that Asian Mistresses are the best smelling. Each of us are of a different flavor but all are as sweet as a cherry blossom. When I bury your face beneath my backside you will get to know the smell of your Mistress better than the back of your hand. I want you to be able to remember that smell. You should be able to pick up my scent when Im 50 feet away and step into the dungeon. I know your stench in that way and can tell exactly where you are in my dungeon just from taking a whiff of the air.
There is no hiding from me.
Being this close to your Mistress is truly a reward. I do reward you slaves from time to time when I feel that you have succeeded in attempting to please me by taking my punishments. Consider yourself rewarded a slumber between my cheeks.