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Slappy Daze (Full Movie / HD Formatted)

Slappy Daze (Full Movie / HD Formatted)

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Arguably the finest body in fetish video history belongs to Chelsea Blue - and her partner Jewell Marceau is pretty much on the same level. What a couple of amazing babes! They are in a high class lingerie store (that only happens to look like the IBN studio) trying on luscious scanty under things. Unfortunately, the vile and low bob wanders into the try-on room, and tells the girls that...get this...they look fat! The girls (who are anything BUT overweight - man, they are HOT!) become enraged, SO they grab bob's hair, toss him to the conveniently-placed mattress, and then proceed to SLAP him into submission. We've seen face slapping before - but there has never (and I mean this: NEVER) been a slap-happy epic like this. All previous efforts in this genre look tame compared with this slap-a-second torture second. I doubt anyone could count every single slap occurring in this would be like counting every drumbeat in a Buddy Rich set. They yank his hair, humiliate him verbally, slam his head against the wall - all the while turning his face beet red with their nonstop barrage. It lets up only when they decide to make bob kiss Jewell's lovely high heel shoes. "Kiss it, you pussy bitch!" Chelsea commands. "You better fucking taste it," warns Jewell. When he doesn't clean the shoes fervently enough, they back him against the wall and batter his brains out. My god - this video is horrifyingly violent. Chelsea even batters his body with her shoes. And can you imagine FOUR HANDED FACE SLAPPING? Followed by FOOT face-slapping and viciously sadistic hair-twistage? "We're the Queen Bitches around here!" shouts Chelsea. And she orders bob to "take it up the ass" from another male employee - unless he submits to that, these two beauties simply won't stop their slap barrage. Oh, and the way Chelsea tries to tear his nipples off...YOWTCH! After riding him like a horsie ("Giddy the fuck up, pony!"), Chelsea and Jewell.