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smo016 - Virtual Smother

Cute Italian newcomer Gina and voluptuous, Amazonian goddess Chelsea are the sexiest roommates you've ever seen. Slave robbie is supposed to be their house boy, but he does his job completely incompetently, and even insists on vacuuming with his shirt off - UGGHH! What a sight! They decide to hide his face by placing his head in the dreaded smother box and...                 get more details
Chelsea Blue | Gina Rome | robbie

smo041 - Wicked Women

Check out these hot babes! Fetish fans should be familiar with the spectacular Chelsea, a tall babe with a perfect bod for suffocation fun. She and her wicked roomie Virignie have installed a new torture-toy in their dungeon The SMOTHER THRONE. It's like nothing else you have ever seen! They lock their victim's head into a hole in the seat. (Their first victim,...                 get more details
Chelsea Blue | Virginie | jim

ibn104 - Crush Kill Destroy

Mistress Chelsea looks positively delicious in red shoes, bikini top, and black latex micro-mini, with no panties - yep, there's high whisker-biscuit visibility. She's having trouble subduing the boisterous slave brad, so she asks the tall, sexy, vinyl-clad Mistress Meridian for help. They bind his arms and feet tightly. He's still feisty, though, so they soften him...                 get more details
Chelsea Blue | Mistress Meridian | brad

ibn114 - Devil With A Blue Dress On

Gorgeous Chelsea - here seen as a blonde, and bedecked in tight, shiny black PVC fetish garb - has been ripped off by wimpy bob, a crooked repairman. (Hmmm that sort of thing's been happening a LOT, lately) Naturally, she decides to repair HIM. She starts in with some hard-ass face-sitting and spike-heel stomach-stompingbut that's just the warm up. It seems bob...                 get more details
Chelsea Blue | Starr Chandler | bob

ibn223 - Face Walkers

IBN fans Remember Chelsea Blue She always made us sit up and say "Wow!" Well, now she's backand it's DOUBLE-WOW! What a stunning Mistress! (especially when she conks slaves on the noggin) She and the equally beauteous blonde Mistress Jordan Scott have found a slave to cook for them. Alas, tramplee doesn't quite comprehend the concept of gourmet dining He...                 get more details
Chelsea Blue | Jordan Scott | tramplee

ibn228 - Blackout in a Black Room

Tramplee is a painterno, not the Michelangelo kind. A wall painter. The girls (stunning Chelsea and cutie Jordan Scott) wanted their bedroom pink. Trouble is, nobody told them that tramplee was color-blind. He uses BLACK paint instead! Since tramplee doesn't seem to have a head for color, they decide to turn his face redbut sticking him into the smother box....                 get more details
Chelsea Blue | Jordan Scott | tramplee

ibn254 - Urban Punishment

Bob's a power company repair guy out working in the field. Crystal and Catrina are a couple of babes, blonde and redheaded. They meet him in the open to discuss their electricity bill - seems it has been mysteriously high. Bob tags along for their picnic, making every attempt to get into their pants and feel the girls' asses. His come-ons are so obvious, and so...                 get more details
Chelsea Blue | Jordan Scott | perry lize

ibn269 - Painful Encounter

OK, here's the set-up Two tall, gorgeous babes, Gina Rome and chesty Chelsea (in leopard skin!) have a slave named robbie on their bed, and they want him to feel pain. Sound like a plot to you It sure does to us! The action starts with shoe worship, in which bad boy robbie is forced to get a good whiff of Gina's stinky soles while Chelsea walks on him...                 get more details
Chelsea Blue | Gina Rome | robbie

ibn374 - Slappy Daze

Arguably the finest body in fetish video history belongs to Chelsea Blue - and her partner Jewell Marceau is pretty much on the same level. What a couple of amazing babes! They are in a high class lingerie store (that only happens to look like the IBN studio) trying on luscious scanty under things. Unfortunately, the vile and low bob wanders into the try-on room, and...                 get more details
Chelsea Blue | Jewell Marceau | bob

ibn385 - Trampled Blue

You know about Chelsea, right The beauteous bitch with the killer instincts and the killer figure (It's natural!) Well, she has never looked so wicked as she does here, in tight latex fetish miniskirt. The plot Umm...well, it seems she is mad at tramplee because he spilled patchouli oil on a skirt. Something like that. Look, do you really NEED a plot Nope! Not...                 get more details
Chelsea Blue | tramplee

ibn409 - Stomp Him Hard

You gotta love Goldie's classy, sexy English accent! Not to mention her incredible body, which looks scrumptious in that tiny tight black little mini-number she has on. And her gorgeous gal-pal Chelsea is an even more impressive Amazonian goddess. I love the way her cute butt cheeks peek out from beneath that lacey little wisp she's wearing. The plot Well, it...                 get more details
Chelsea Blue | Goldie | tristin

tra053 - Trampled Raw

Chesty Chelsea Blue and stunning, svelte Jordan Scott pay bart to clean their apartment. Unfortunately, the catch him sleeping on the job. What to do with a jerk-off janitor except trample his torso mercilessly Jordan wears platform shoes the size of the Lusitania, while Chelsea wears mile-high red pumps which she loves to dig right into bart's tender nips. "You're...                 get more details
Chelsea Blue | Jordan Scott | bart

tra055 - Extreme Walking

The situation is simple. Chelsea and Gina are two gorgeous Mistresses who like inflicting pain. Tramplee is a numbskull slave locked into the dreaded reclining smother-floor. Only his face is visible. All the better to trample him! Tramplee can take a LOTbut can he take this Chelsea is the ultimate facesitting queen, shoving his nose deep into her twat. Then...                 get more details
Chelsea Blue | Gina Rome | tramplee

tra060 - Trample Bedlam

You know you are in for a treat when you see Gorgeous Chelsea Blue and that eye-catching eye-talian Gina Rome on screen. Yeah, tramplee is also therebut you see, he's beneath them. Literally. From the first frame on, this is a film about TRAMPLING, TRAMPLING and more TRAMPLING. Chelsea is tall and voluptuous (no, that doesn't mean fat That means voluptuous),...                 get more details
Chelsea Blue | Gina Rome | tramplee

tra102 - Violent Femmes

Chris tool is a gardener who "services" a couple of luscious roomies Virginie and curvy Chelsea Blue. But when he accidentally destroys their tomato plant, he discovers that those ladies actually make a living as professional Dominatrixes. And they do NOT accept failure. "You don't know who you're dealing with, idiot!" Virginie hisses as she kicks his body all...                 get more details
Chelsea Blue | Virginie | chris tool

tra127 - Tramplee Underfoot

Check out these two beauteous roomies - Chelsea and Virignie, both wearing the kind of short, tight minis that could give even Gumby wood. They come home to find a white trash hobo "carpenter" - tramplee, ye gods! - befouling their bed. They discover that he used pages torn from their books as toilet paper! The very idea disgusts these two high-class dames. "You...                 get more details
Chelsea Blue | Virginie | tramplee

tra139 - Rules of Amusement

If you're a long-time fan of fetish videos, you probably have worshipped Mistress Chelsea Blue. Believe me - she has NEVER looked so delicious as she does in this video, dressed in an elegant, sexy red nightgown. It seems that loser tramplee saw her at a party, and followed her to the home she shares with French cutie Virginie (who looks smashing in her filmy white...                 get more details
Chelsea Blue | Virginie | tramplee

tra166 - Walk All Over Me

Chelsea Blue has one of the finest bodies -- and meanest 'tudes -- in the history of fetish video. You'd think that a high-class slut like her would have no problems in life. But she does. Case in point The airline lost her luggage. When tristin, a lunk-headed luggage lad, comes over to apologize, she takes out all her frustration and anger on him. How By tossing...                 get more details
Chelsea Blue | tristin

smo065 - Smother City

The disgusting pervo known only as "bob" sneaks into Chelsea Blue's dungeon and discovers one of her panties. Mmmm....he now finds it impossible to refrain from touching himself. Unfortunately, the mad Mistress who owns those panties - Chelsea Blue (who looks amazing in her short, tight latex dress) - catches him in the act. She is accompanied by her equally hot...                 get more details
Jewell Marceau | Chelsea Blue | bob

smo099 - A Face Full of Ass

Chelsea and Taylor St Clair look absolutely smashing in their black evening gowns. They are late for a benefit dinner - and tickets cost a cool grand apiece. Unfortunately, their chauffeur shows up two full hours after the show started! So they lock the mofo in the dreaded smother throne, which keeps his head firmly locked in place. "Did you ever think you were going...                 get more details
Taylor St. Claire | Chelsea Blue | alix

ibn097 - Black Vinyl Bitches

It's an Amazon Woman Fantasy !! Mistress Starr Chandler (well over 6' tall in heels) and her friend Chelsea (over 6' tall in heels) show up at poor little gabriel's house (he is only 5 feet tall) to use the phone. Both of these dominant bitches are decked out in black vinyl and they decide to cause little gabriel more than a little discomfort!! He is sitting on his...                 get more details
Starr Chandler | Chelsea Blue | gabriel

ibn098 - Nudie Doms

Finally, a domination video where both girls are completely naked from start to finish!! Mistress Meridian and Mistress Chelsea together. The action starts off immediately without any boring story setup. The slave is dressed only in shorts as the two girls give him some heavy doses of nude facesitting, ass worship, head squeezing, barefoot trampling and double...                 get more details
Mistress Meridian | Chelsea Blue | walter

ibn107 - Slave Tune Up

Chelsea, whose elegant beauty is winning a legion of fans, wears a black latex miniskirt and bikini top. Mistress Starr wears a silver skirt and vest, with sexy black garter stockings and red panties. First, they establish total domination over the hapless Bob Expect punching, kicking, slapping, and a generally high level of feminine violence. The Mistresses force...                 get more details
Starr Chandler | Chelsea Blue | bob

ibn121 - Double Dose Of Domination

Fans of Mistress Angela, have no fear She's back, dressed in a skimpy stringy outfit, complete with black pumps. She's joined by the elegant Mistress Chelsea, wearing a black vinyl teddy, black stockings and heels. Just as you'd expect, they've been busy little bitches They've forced slave joe to his knees, tied his hands above his head, and placed panties around...                 get more details
Mistress Angela | Chelsea Blue | joe

ibn348 - Exqueese Me

Dominant roommates Chelsea and Virginie have a new slave, peter. But it doesn't look as though this dork is going to work out. Seems they left him locked up in the backyard for a couple of days - you know, the sort of punishment they usually dole out - and, lacking a bathroom, he decided to take a shit in Chelsea's pool. "Nobody shits in my pool!" Chelsea announces -...                 get more details
Virginie | Chelsea Blue | peter

ibn390 - Waste The Water Boy

Slave-boy tristin did a no-no when he sold Chelsea and Chandler a bottle of "special" water (which actually came right out of the tap) for $20! He sold it with the promise that it would produce youth and beauty. "If this water restored youth and beauty, YOU would not look like this -- with that gut!" sneers Chelsea. Both Mistresses are decked out in red -- Chandler...                 get more details
Starr Chandler | Chelsea Blue | tristin

ibn422 - The Bitches Must Be Crazy

This video stars two of the most beauteous bitches in the history of fetish video, Taylor St. Clair and Chelsea! They come home to find a drunken street person, who has wandered in and passed out on their "brand new Persian rug." "If you are going to be a guest, you're going to play by our rules," Taylor explains. "We're Dominatrixes." And first on the menu! They...                 get more details
Taylor St. Claire | Chelsea Blue | peter

tra109 - The Vengeance

As we open, Virginie and Chelsea are in gorgeous transparent nightgowns, torturing their neighbor. Seems he's a peeping tom - they caught him peeking through the window while they were changing! So they decide to change HIM...into a pile of bloody meat! How By trampling him beneath wicked high heel pumps. The girls kick him mercilessly, then force him to kiss...                 get more details
Virginie | Chelsea Blue | jim

tra150 - Human Carpet

Peter, a perv with a foot fetish, wanders into Chelsea's home and starts sniffing her shoes. When he is discovered by statuesque Chelsea (in white lingerie) and the bountiful Jewell (whose fine books barely fit in her top), all hell breaks loose! "What kind of thief steals and smells shoes" Jewell asks, as Chelsea stomps his body mercilessly. She plants her bare...                 get more details
Jewell Marceau | Chelsea Blue | peter

tra185 - The Carpet Man

The voluptuous Chelsea Blue keeps a little subby boy (alix) as a housekeeper. He was supposed to watch her home while she was out. Unfortunately, he ransacked her liquor cabinet in her absence. When Chelsea returns, it's punishment time. "You are SO going to pay for this!' Chelsea, wearing a gorgeous fetish-y bit of lingerie, uses her high heel shoes to poke into...                 get more details
Goldie | Chelsea Blue | alix

tra197 - School Girl Stomp

Two of the cutest high school girls (you can tell they're schoolgirls because they have short plaid skirts) have had it up to here with the principle and his stupid rules. They way they figure it, they should be able to smoke when they want, fuck whoever they like, and show up whenever the mood strikes. The principle (played by alix) demurs, and even dares to...                 get more details
Taylor St. Claire | Chelsea Blue | alix

ibn102 - Cigar Mistress

WOW! Sexy Brittany Andrews, cute Mistress Angela, elegant newcomer Chelsea, and slave brad. Three Mistresses, and two of them smoke cigars during their domination fun. Mistress Brittany looks hot in her shiny black patent leather (or is it rubber) outfit as she binds her slave to the punishment bed and lights her big fat cigar. She constantly makes threats to burn...                 get more details
Brittany Andrews | Mistress Angela | Chelsea Blue | brad

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