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I Spit on your Slave

Starring: Taylor St. Claire, Starr Chandler, Brittany Andrews, Venus, Contessa Jewels, Mistress Meridian, Liza Harper, bob
Running Time: about 60 Min
Language: English

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Sexy Fetish Action

Sex was never like this! We've had positive feedback (no pun intended) on previous spit-scenes in our fetish videos, so we went for the ultimate. We gathered together seven of our most beautiful girls and sicced them on bob, a slave willing to undergo the true unexplored depths of degradation. These ladies don't just spit on him a few times…we are talking about a veritable non-stop, hour-long SEA of saliva here! The girls were so psyched up for this shoot, they started in on the slave even before the camera guy yelled for action. And they wouldn't stop, even when poor bob begged for a let-up. We are talking about total - total - TOTAL humiliation! He is sopping with looghie! They even hock long, dripping white ones right into his mouth! And then there is the horrifying food mortification, the foot worship, the crotch stomping, the utterly fearsome slap-sessions, the beating, the kicking, the punching, the water-up-the-nose torture, the mouth-taping, the utter degradation…and throughout, the non-stop spitwad parade! It's an IBN first…perhaps the film we'll be known for forever, because nothing else like it has ever been committed to tape, or ever will be. Your stomach will churn at the gross (and we mean GROSS) action, yet you won't be able to turn your head away! No matter how jaded you think you are, this one will affect you.

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