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Destination Trample

Starring: Samantha Sterlyng, Goldie, peter
Running Time: about 60 Min
Language: English

Keyword Tags:
Facesitting, Ass Worship, Trample, Foot Fetish

Have you ever dealt with a scamster furniture mover? Loser peter, it seems, works for one of those shady Israeli-owned companies that charges two or three times the estimate for the move. Well, he tried to gyp the wrong two ladies. Curvaceous, hellacious Goldie and the equally voluptuous Samantha Sterlyng decide to punish him - by TRAMPLING. Samantha is wearing amazing platform boots with heels almost as tall as she is…and she digs 'em right into his neck! (Eventually, they remove his shirt so we can see the nice red marks.) Goldie (who has the loveliest British accent) wears tiny cut-offs and a skimpy halter as she crams those spike heels into his tender flesh. Folks, we are talking about double-bitch, full weight high-heel stompitude. "You don't have a cock and you don't have any money," Samantha snarls after she rifles through her victim's pockets. "What can we do with you?" They can torture him, for one thing! "Look, he's hurting," says Goldie as she plants her ass atop his mouth and nose, robbing him of ALL air. Listen to the desperate way he gasps when she finally stands. "What do you need your nuts for?" asks Samantha as she uses those boots to kick his crotch, while Goldie tries to crush his nose beneath her shoe. Hmmm…what would happen if Sam slammed her heel right into his belly button? YOWTCH! Then comes the barefoot jumping atop his abs. "Let's see if I can help you with your breathing situation," Samantha taunts as she smothers him with her feet and then her ass. They remove his belt and mercilessly flay his bare tummy - and then, just to taunt him further, Goldie removes her top and flashes the most gorgeous boobage imaginable - not that he'll ever get hold of 'em. "Look at how red he's getting!" the topless Samantha says, admiring her handiwork. They stomp on his hands, holding him a crucifix position - then they do everything they can do break his ribs with their feet. Lots of full weight trampling - on his chest, groin, head, everywhere! BOTH girls sit atop his face while slapping his raw body. Finally, stepping full weight onto his neck - strangling him by foot - does the trick, and forces him into complete submission.

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