Skull Crusher

Starring: Kaitlynn, Antonia, tramplee
Running Time: about 60 Min
Language: English

Keyword Tags:
Trample, Foot Fetish

We are proud to feature cutie Kaitlynn as our newest Princess of pain. She has hired tramplee, an interior decorator, to express her "inner soul." But the ugly mess he came up with leaves her sorely displeased. So she and her roomie, angelic Antonia, decide to express their inner torment - by taking it all out on him. "Suck it! Suck my toe!" Kaitlynn screams. "You like how my dirty toes taste? Salty, aren't they?" The foot action her is SO warm, wet, and sexy - even when Kailtynn shoves their heels into his mouth, while Antonia KICKS HIS HEAD. (Now THAT'S new.) But with a name like tramplee, he's just crying out for some heavy duty TRAMPLING. That means BAREFOOT style, with Antonia trouncing his tummy while (at the same time!) Kaitlynn climbs aboard his face. Man, he takes a massive pounding - they ride him as though he were a surfboard, on a wave that never stops. At one point, they even saddle up for some two-girl horsie action. One girl pins his shoulders while the other SLAPS his face silly and RAMS her knee into his solar plexus. ("Quit moving!") And wait until you see Kaitlynn dig her sharp toenails into his tender neck muscles. That's followed by more head stomping…lots and lots and LOTS of barefoot head stomping! Tramplee YOWLS like a wounded animal. The girls introduce him to a new color scheme, involving a cherry-red - in his FACE!! His eyes practically pop out of their sockets. So will yours, because you have never - EVER - seen skull-stompin' ACTION like this! They pedal-pummel his bod as though it were a bunch of grapes…because these girls always appreciate a fine WHINE!

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