Bagged and Beaten

Starring: Tanya Danielle, Carolyn Monroe, alix
Running Time: about 60 Min
Language: English

Keyword Tags:
Trample, Foot Fetish

Here's a threesome for you: Carolyn Monroe, Tanya Danielle - and a doofus mutual boyfriend named alix. For three years they've had a thing going - but the girls discover a gay magazine hidden under his mattress. "That explains why you are always waxing your back and stuff!" Carolyn says as they strip him down, tie him up, and subject him to kicking, belting and worse. Tanya finds a massive, thick plastic bag which they use to enclose alix's entire body. Once he's wrapped inside, they knee-stomp his vulnerable body, punctuated by punches to the skull. They stomp his body while wearing sharp clear plastic high heels. The knee drops, head slaps and full-weight body smashing just keeps on getting more violent. Tanya wraps his neck in duct tape. His face pops out of its plastic wrap - all the better to slap him silly. What a delirious combo of stomp action and hand-around-neck choking! Full-force stomach punching is followed by full-weight barefoot trampling and head stomping (look at his face turn red!). They truss up his battered body with even more duct tape then knee his face! I'm amazed his head can take this much weight. Topless, these busty bitches crush his skull with their mighty thighs, then prop him up for some nasty kneeing to the ribs. All of this, because they found him reading gay porno. They're attitude may not be politically correct, but they don't care…

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