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Waiting To Inhale - (Full Movie)

Waiting To Inhale - (Full Movie)

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Voluptuous Artemis is back, sinfully alluring as always. Three words describe her domination style in this beautifully-produced visual essay: Sensual…slow…suffocation. She has a new (and very passive) boyfriend, slave chris, whose outlandish laziness has become intolerable. "I'm just going to have to sit on you there," says she, "and use you for my amusement." She locks his head between her stocking-clad thighs, then smothers him with fierce front and rear facesitting. Your VCR will practically sizzle when Artemis goes in for an unbreakable figure-four head lock, while slowly stroking her heavy breasts. "You're such a good little smother-toy!" Artemis coos. But when he misbehaves, she hauls out the straightjacket. He meekly complies as she straps it on tightly. Then he fetches the strapping tape - using his mouth - which she uses to lock his legs together. Now the boy-toy is totally immobile - the way they BOTH like it! Once she encases his head in a panty-hose hood, he's the perfect victim for ass-smothering, stocking-foot trampling, and forced toe sucking. His balls take a good stomping, of course - and ultimately Artemis has no choice but to flop out her bodacious ta-tas and smother her willing victim between those all-natural meat balloons. He gasps, he gags…but in a situation like this, who needs air?