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Black Vinyl Trample - (Full Movie)

Black Vinyl Trample - (Full Movie)

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Nicolette is the ultimate pervy Mistresses - you have got to check out her tight vinyl mini outfit. She has a bf - of sorts. One night, tar comes home - a homo. Yep, he's a had a boy's night out, and now he's prancing and dancing and lisping around like Liberace on estrogen. Nicolette decides that there is only one way to change him back into a real man: TRAMPLING. She has great clear plastic high heel shoes which she just loves to shove into his face. "Why don't you suck on my heel like you suck on cock?" she snarls. When she doffs her shoes she makes him fellate her toes. (The foot worship is particularly sensuous in this video - his tongue seeks and finds every nook and cranny.) The barefoot trampling is particularly harsh: She JUMPS on him as though he were a cockroach. But the highlight of the show is the face STANDING. We are talking barefoot - full weight - with the victim staring STRAIGHT UP, like a corpse. These little mincing faggy boy soon learns what women are for: WORSHIP. He sits motionless, accepting her every blow, while she slaps slaps SLAPS him mercilessly. She kicks his head, then slaps him some more. This is followed by jumping, trampling, and kneeing. Imagine, if you will, her crawling atop his body....and then bucking up and down like a horse, with the knees slamming into his ribcage. Hey there, sailor - looking for something unusual? Check this out!
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