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Under Pressure - (Full Movie)

Under Pressure - (Full Movie)

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"Mistress Evilyn is a killer; Walter's what she caught - he's a boob and she's a bitch, and now you know the plot." This video is sheer fetish action, with Mistress Evilyn sensually whispering "I'm going to choke you" while tightening her brutal scissors hold around Walter's air supply. She's dressed in a pretty pink nightie (you might even call this film "Pinky and the brained"), which she eventually removes. WHAT A HOT BOD! LEAN AND MEAN! He's bound in duct tape, so there's no escape while she hand-smothers him, subjects him to various wrestling moves, and yanks his hair mercilessly. (It's a wonder Walter's not bald by now.) You'll love the way she tramples this worm under her dainty bare feet, thrusting one foot down (HARD) onto his neck, causing the poor bastard to gurgle and gasp for precious oxygen. Fans of smothering and barefoot stomping, take note: The video gives you the best of both worlds! When she wraps her thunder-thighs around his waist and squeezes him like a tube of toothpaste, she gives the camera one of her patented smoldering smoky gazes. "You are powerless against me," she sensually intones. "You...DESERVE...THIS!" And then she goes crazy: Facesitting, forward and reverse…lots of cool wrestling moves...trampling...a full-weight head-crush...even jumping and falling right on his torso. (Mistress Evilyn is a tall girl, so you know THAT one must've hurt.) All "choking" aside, this is one NASTY epic.