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S & M Anniversary

S & M Anniversary

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We start in the middle of some very hot action: Slave walter is being crushed by the pantyhose-clad thighs of beautiful Angela, who may well have the perkiest nipples in the history of video. See, it's their anniversary, and that lunkhead walter forgot to buy a present. So you know he's in for it now! She smothers him, jumps on him, digs her knees into his chest, and tramples him as though stomping cockroaches. Then it's trick or treat, smell her feet - and stomp his head 'til he feels just dead. (Yep, his poor noggin supports her entire body weight.) Angela goes in for scissors, face-sitting, face-slapping, more hot foot-worship, hair pulling, choking, suffocation, and slamming her butt onto his nose. Walter's reaction? He coughs, he gasps, he begs for mercy - but gets none. Then she removes her pantyhose, and uses them to bind his hands. Standing on top of him, she rubs her luscious bare feet all over his face, and makes him lick her foot sweat and suck her toes until they are nice and clean. ("Isn't that a treat?" she asks.) Now walter needs a little stomach pumping, so she jumps up and down on it. In an amazing display of acrobatics, she uses her feet to crush his throat while sitting on his chest. This video is must for fans of foot worship, trampling, wrestling moves, and beautiful, demanding Mistresses. This is one anniversary slave walter won't soon forget!