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Adventures In Smothering - (Full Movie)

Adventures In Smothering - (Full Movie)

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Slave tramplee needs to be punished for the sin of existing. So he is thoroughly trussed up, strapped and bound - even Houdini couldn't get out of THIS kind of bondage. B/D fans take note: He is TOTALLY helpless, and distinctly discomforted. Sadistic Starr Chandler has plans for this worm! Dressed in bright red and panties, she climbs aboard his face and plants her pussy over his mouth. "I love your gasps!" giggles Starr, as she slowly robs her victim of air, of consciousness, of life itself, through her merciless forward and backward facesitting. But there's more: As Starr slowly strips down, she chokes him between her thunderous thighs ("Awww! Did I hurt you?"), gags him with her panties, suffocates him by hand, butt smothering, and of course…the dreaded SMOTHER BOX. (He does the box while gagged and wearing a panty-hood - it's breathtaking! Literally!) Starr considers stabbing him with her nail file, but decides to leave him tied up and squirming in the smother box for an entire week. That's our Starr…she chokes 'em 'til they check out!