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Dorm Doms - (Full Movie)

Dorm Doms - (Full Movie)

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Chris tool stole the lectures note belonging to a fellow classmate, the lusciously well-stacked Tanya Danielle. Worse, he stole her Diet Coke. Naturally, she and her fellow co-ed, Kianna, drag him to their dorm for a high-level course in punishment. That means hard core trampling - on his chest, his neck, and even his face. Tanya plants her perfect ass directly on his face, while Kianna bucks like a bronco over his body, driving her knees deep into ribs. (I believe you can hear them crack, if you listen real close!) Then the girls decide to inflict four-handed strangulation fun, kianna wrapping her digits tight around his throat while Tanya covers his mouth and nose. Tanya offers a dissertation on the physical stages of death by suffocation: "Look, the pupils are dilating. A good sign!" Foot smothering is also on tap. "Somebody has to pound some sense into him!" Tanya uses his own sweat shirt to help her on the smotheration front. Then she JUMPS repeatedly on his chest while helping Kianna inflict nasty hand-over-mouth choking. "I hate it when some lame little whore like chris tool steals my shit!" Kianna spews. "Maybe we should shove something up his ass," Tanya suggests. "I bet he likes that!" As Tanya nearly knocks him out with her fierce twat smothering, she becomes infuriated when chris actually tries to break free. This part's for real - he REALLY started to panic on the set, but these genuinely mean bitches just didn't care. They wanted him to pass out! The girls take turn helping each other do long, hard LEAPS onto his chest.