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Smother The Smoker - (Full Movie)

Smother The Smoker - (Full Movie)

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Mike is caught smoking. His roommates, Ted (the luscious blonde) and Sancho (the sultry brunette) decide that is it finally time to uphold the no smoking rule once and for all. "Maybe we should kick his ass!" They throw the well-muscled Mike to the table. In a smorgasbord of hot, hunky homies, Sancho and Ted embark on a daring tale of mayhem, sadism, and strict anti-smoking laws. Using duct tape to bind Mike's hands together, Sancho and Ted forcibly hold down his hands. Deftly, they remove Mike's blue jeans. But the real humiliation is about to begin. Swearing and struggling the entire time, Mike is about to learn what scientists and you mother has warned you all along, SMOKING IS BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH AND POSTURE. Clad in Tommy Hilfiger briefs and a blue t-shirt, Mike is strapped to the table with nylon rope. Let the games begin! Sancho -- trussed to the nines in a black jock strap and white tank top -- sits on Mike's face. 'Tis a far better thing to have a shapely ass in the face than a stanky old ciggie-butt. Ted, stripped down to his white tank top and endearing smile, takes Sancho's place atop Mike's noggin. Sticking his neatly shaved and trimmed balls in Mike's face, Ted makes sure all air is cut off. Bouncing on his face, riding Mike as if he were a prized steed in the Kentucky Derby, Ted tries to embed a mushroom tattoo on Mike's nose and forehead. Mike's nose fits perfectly up Ted's ass. Sancho, locked to Mike's face via ass-plant, is forced to endure the smell of Sancho's sphincter.