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Spitting Bitches - (Full Movie)

Spitting Bitches - (Full Movie)

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Egad -- who in his right mind would let a slob like bob drive a bulldozer? He was ordered (he claims) to demolish the entire neighborhood -- which means he rams down the house in which the statuesque Tanya Danielle lives with the incredibly voluptuous Zora. "That was our HOUSE!" the girls scream. "How DARE you? That was like, so rude!" Bob's confused. "What's the address here? Are you sure this isn't 429 Kenridge? No? Well, we can replace the tiles on your roof but I'm not sure about the rest of your building..." Oh yeah? Well, these bitches know a way to change the company policy: Spitting. They toss bob against this own bulldozer and drench him with spittle. "No!" he cries. "You can't spit on me. Don't you know I'm the job supervisor? Where did you learn manners? There's no reason to resort ot this sort of behavior?" But none of his silver-tongued explanations can stop the non-stop phlegm attack. Soon, his face is absolutely dripping with rivulets of saliva. Who would have thought that two stunning, statuesque ladies would be capable of such humiliating punishment. Yow! Streams of white and yellow mucus drizzle off his nose and chin. "Let's compromise," bob suggests. "How about we replace the garage door AND put a basketball hoop above it?" No way! Splooge! Slorp! Whizzz! Drip! The spit wads just keep on coming. "Let's just stop the spitting and talk like two normal human beings," bob whines. "Look, your kitchen's really a lot better. Lots more light coming in." Tanya grabs him by the neck and chokes him while Zora flings looghie right into his face. They make sure it drips right in his mouth !!