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Gasping Grease Monkey - (Full Movie)

Gasping Grease Monkey - (Full Movie)

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Oh what a quandary. It seems that scott has ordered Mike a child's motorcross cycle. There is no way in hell Mike would ever sit on this thing let alone ride it on the dunes of the desert. And what is the appropriate punishment? Why, it is nothing less than torture and mayhem at the hands of Mike and Jim. Is this agony or what? What more could you ever possibly imagine than to see Mike and Jim team up against pathetic little scott? Pushing him to the ground and getting his knickers off as quickly as possible, Mike directs the action that he and Jim are to take in whipping scott into shape. "Stick your tongue up there," moans Mike as he mounts scott's face. "Yeah, take it like a man," chides Jim. Only a real man can take the torture and humiliation that Mike and Jim have planned for worthless little scott. While on the ground and being pinned by Jim, Mike strips off his pants in record time, and sits on scott's rib cage. And then he is forced to endure the weight of both men on his chest. "I bet he can't breath," Mike comments. "Just sit still, you're not going anywhere," adds Jim. Acting the part of a limp rag-doll, scott dutifully takes what is doled out to him, and more! Sniffing Mike's tighty-whites and socks are only the beginning. On the floor of the workshop, Mike shows scott what customer service is supposed to be! Riding scott and he if HE were the motorcycle, scott is forced to experience Jim and Mike tandem on his back. But the slave boy doesn't get nearly enough anguish.