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Make Him Suffer - (Full Movie)

Make Him Suffer - (Full Movie)

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Ted doesn't know how to keep a clean apartment. Mike and Sancho decide to teach him a lesson, so they strap him to a smother stool. Muscular Mike points out everything that is dirty and messy while Sancho sits on his face. In a bout of hand over mouth smothering, they block Ted's passages so that he does not have to take in the stanky stench of the unsavory roommate. Using the T-shirt that he was wearing, Mike starts to "flog" the chest of poor little slave boy as Sancho plants his bare ass on Ted. Facing each other, Mike and Sancho both sit on Ted's face. He gets a good view (and whiff) of nothing but gorgeous cock. When Sancho removes the smart looking black jock strap, you can plainly see that he is wearing an even more arousing black leather cock ring. As Sancho smothers Ted's face with his ass, Mike starts biting Ted's nipples. As Mike spews obscenities, Sancho just laughs, poor little Ted just groans, moans, and submits to their abuse. After giving Ted's uncircumcised member a close inspection, they tease him about cleanliness and calcium deposits. Mike forces a water bottle between Ted's legs, then compels the slave to drink from it. Mike straddles Ted's chest and screams: "You're breathing too much." Time for a little more of that hand over mouth smothering. Amazing! Ted must have S.C.U.B.A. gear somewhere hidden! Tiring of the smother stool, they throw Ted onto the ground. Mike stomps his foot right into Ted's face. (Hey! Don't damage the property, will ya? We might need him again!) Mike gets his turn on Ted's face.