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Dom & Domer - (Full Movie)

Dom & Domer - (Full Movie)

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This one could have been called "The Giggling Mistresses" since Mistress Gretchen and Devylyn laugh and scream and put so much RAW ENERGY into their work! These are two wild in a lace dress and thigh high boots, the other in fishnet stockings and strappy high 6" heels and a little leather skirt, leather tank top and leather cap. The pizza boy who shows up at this apartment is getting his pink slip but not before he gets trampled, facesat and face-slapped, cropped and smothered by his giggling customers! They crop the buttons off his shirt and humilate him verbally. Now they body bag him and but leave his feet exposed and foot crop him. Next Devylyn does double high heel trampling while Gretchen keeps his face covered! Next the girls kiss while they sit on their subject, remove his clothes and tie up his hands and feet and secure them with a leather strap. They ball gag him, face slap him and bind him tight with an arm binder. Now they force him to drink out of a dog dish and practically drown him. They proceed to take the crop to him and whip him as they constantly humiliate him verbally and in other ways. More rope is added to the slave as one of the girls straps on a big black dildo and proceeds to sit on his upper chest and make him worship it orally. Next come a little stocking worship and genital whipping just before they decide to put a cute red satin lingerie baby doll on him. Next come some ass worship and some double-smother facesitting followed by some high heel worship of each girl with intermittent cropping and hair pulling. One more segment of ass worship closes out the video.