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Smothered To The Edge - (Full Movie)

Smothered To The Edge - (Full Movie)

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It seems that Sancho has no respect for his roommates, especially when it comes to the bathroom. Sancho, it would appear, doesn't know how to flush the toilet. So his roommates, Mike and Ted, secure him into the deathtrap that we call the smother throne - where he is forced to endure all sorts of heavenly torture. Sparing no time, Ted sits on the face of Sancho wiggling his ass-smothering deep into Sancho's face. Exchanging positions Mike now straddles him, groin first. How far can a nose go up someone's ass? Mike supervises the tag team effort that he and Ted use to make sure that Sancho will remember to flush. Mike then strips off the black jock strap and forces Sancho to smell how rank a crotch can get. The tag team effort continues with the hand over mouth smothering, Ted taking the nose and Mike blocking the mouth. They even give Sancho a little foot smothering. What a team! Using the jock strap to bind Sancho's hands together, Mike finds a comfortable position sitting on the throne, effectively smothering Sancho with his balls. "Is that a tongue or lips?" Mike inquires. It seems that Snacho enjoys his captivity, especially when they force feed him the jock strap. Yummy! Mike does a phenomenal job of supervising the mayhem, making sure that Sancho does not get too comfortable. Ted stretches the skin of his balls over Sancho's nose, effectively forcing the smell of ball sweat imprinted forever on the memory of Slave Sancho. This is a unique form of ball smothering.