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Desperately Seeking Smother - (Full Movie)

Desperately Seeking Smother - (Full Movie)

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We've got slave tramplee on tape…or rather, IN tape. Completely bound and helpless on the dungeon floor, yearning to be free. His Mistress Starr Chandler likes him this way: It's time to play! Seems, he's been misbehaving lately, so not only is he duct taped, he is forced to wear her dirty pantyhose over his head. "And then you know what I'm going to do?" Starr taunts. "I'm gonna squish you between my legs all day long! I'm going to smother you…like this!" Just watch the way tramplee helplessly gasps for air when Starr shoves her twat over his mouth and nose. Starr is possibly THE most powerful thigh-crushing Mistress we've ever seen…and when she crushes his skull between her legs, you'll feel as though you were there. Tramplee's brains would come shooting through his nostrils, if he had any brains. Even using just one leg, she can practically snap his head off. This is some of the hottest facesitting-suffocation you've ever witnessed. She applies even more duct tape over his mouth and head, followed by brutalizing hand-over-mouth choking. Eventually, cruel Starr shoves his head into the dreaded SMOTHER BOX. Now there is no escaping her twat, her butt - how the hell can tramplee even hope to survive? "This is the proper way to treat your Mistress!" Starr exults as she clamps her fingers over his mouth and nose.