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Kicking and Punching Extreme - (Full Movie)

Kicking and Punching Extreme - (Full Movie)

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NOTE: Take the word "EXTREME" in the title VERY SERIOUSLY!!!! Slave alix, trapped in a pantyhose hood, is trapped -- hanging from his wrists in Mistress Starr Chandler's dungeon, his legs duct-taped together. "You're going to my punching bag," she explains. "A target. A way for me to take out my aggressions. You like helping me entertain myself, don't you?" To protect her delicate skin, she dons elegant white gloves. "These will allow me to hit you even harder," she says with a giggle. Then she forms a fist and SLAMS into his gut. HARD. Repeatedly. Alix isn't one of those iron-stomach guys -- when he gets hit, he gets HURT. But his pants and groans and moans only turn Starr on. She actually seems to get hot and wet with each devastating blow. "I think I may kill you this way," she muses, as she starts to kick his guts mercilessly. "What's that? 'Please kick me more?' Why, certainly!" Starr says mockingly. His cries of pain are almost unbearable. Then it is time for me gut-blasts -- she's not holding back, guys: This is her Mike Tyson best! Her straight-legged kicks show as much variety as they do power -- she goes for the groin, the upper body, the gut, the lower part of his body is off limits. Just listen to the way he pants -- this guy really is on the verge of passing out. After loosening his wrist bonds, she lets him drop to his knees, then uses her butt to smash his head against the wall -- now THIS is ass-suffocation at its finest. Her butt looks absolutely firm and spectacular as she uses it to rob her victim of ALL air for amazingly long stretches of time.